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Airowear Junior Equevest Body Protector (Black)

  • Airowear Junior Equevest Body Protector (Black)
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Airowear Junior Equevest Body Protector (Black)

Airowear Junior Equevest Body Protector (Black)

The Equevest body protector for children provides great protection at a great price. This entry level body protector is compliant to the highest level of protection and has numerous features including the ability to make separate chest, waist & shoulder adjustments. Made from impact-absorbing foam, the zip front makes it easy for kids to put on and it is compliant with EN13158:2009 and BETA 2009 standard level 3.

  • Zip Front body protector
  • Impact-absorbing foam
  • Stretch fabric
  • Separate chest, waist and shoulder adjustments
  • Comes in five sizes

Colour: Black/Pewter

Safety Standard:

  • The EqueVest body protector offers the maximum level of protection by fully meeting EN13158:2009 and BETA 2009 Standard Level 3

Lisa's notes: These body protectors are great for those parents looking for a body protector that complies with all the safety standards but without wanting to break the bank! They are from Airowear Equestrian, the leaders in body protector design and as such are very well made and feature plenty of options regards altering the fit. The foam is flexible so kids are happy to wear them though it is important to note that they do not benefit from the same Ultraflex technology as their Airowear Outlyne counterparts. They also only come in five sizes and in one length so they will not be suitable for every rider, it just depends on whether your child fits this particular design. We do advise that you get them fitted in store but if this is not possible then please make sure that when measuring your child that they are dressed in a thin layer only. They are not designed to be worn over a sweater and although tempting to purchase a size they can "grow into" this will compromise the safety of the product. They should fit snugly and there is room for adjustment through the shoulder and waist areas that will give your child scope for some growth. The visual aids on the protector will guide you to when the protector is becoming too small. If you can see the orange then it's time to buy the next size! To find the correct size please see the size chart below and read the fitting guide but do contact us if you need further assistance.

*Please note if your size is not showing in stock then please contact us as we can normally source them within 48 hours.




Back Length





















Fitting Guide

Step 1: Body protectors should be worn over lighter garments only with heavier garments worn over the top.

Step 2: Take the chest and back length measurement and select the size from within the chart.

Step 3: On receiving your body protector; loosen the chest and waist straps and flex the garment. Once on, insert thumbs in to the armholes to bring the two panels together. This makes it easier to do the zip up.

Step 4: Fasten at the chest and waist until a firm, but comfortable fit is achieved, ensuring the coloured Velcro markers are covered. If these are not covered then the size is incorrect.

Step 5: Adjust the shoulders so the neckline lies flat against the body. If this cannot be achieved, a shorted back length may be needed.

Step 6: Check the back length by sitting on a saddle and ensuring there is approximately a hands width between the saddle and base of the body protector. This is very important as you will not get an accurate fit if using just a chair. At the front; the body protector should reach the breastbone and cover the bottom rib at mid-chest by approximately 2.5 cm.