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Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Full Neck Fly Sheet

  • Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Full Neck Fly Sheet
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Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Full Neck Fly Sheet
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Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Full Neck Fly Sheet

The Bucas Buzz off Zebra Fly Rug is a new concept in Full Neck Fly Rugs! Scientific research has shown that flies hate zebra stripes as it confuses them and for this reason they will steer clear of them. Based on this research, Bucas has developed a fly rug with thin zebra-like stripes, to keep horses free from the stresses of summer flies for good. The rug is made from fine mesh fabric which blocks even the smallest of insects and reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Additional features include:

  • The overlapping, padded and lined front provides superb comfort and protection.
  • The innovative belly pad ensures that the rug is kept in place, as well as offering protection.
  • Shoulder darts ensure an excellent fit and plenty of shoulder room.
  • Soft nylon shoulder lining to prevent rubbing.
  • Tail flap for additional protection 
  • Zebra Fly Mask can be purchased and used with the rug or separately.
  • Machine washable

Available from 3'6" to 5'3" in pony sizes and from 5'0" to 7'2" in horse sizes.

Lisa’s notes: I’m a great fan of Bucas rugs as I’ve used them for years and the quality and cut is fantastic. When it comes to horse rugs, you really do get what you pay for and these are extremely durable and fit most horses very well. I was rather sceptical regards the zebra print helping keep flies at bay but I have to say that customers who have purchased these the previous year do swear by them. Even if you are not easily convinced regards the scientific theory, at the end of the day these rugs are fantastic in their own right. The mesh is very fine and also soft unlike some fly rugs which are rather plastic and hard. They are of a good depth and you can wash them and have them back on your horse in no time. I’ve found that the pony ones are fantastic as most ponies struggle to find rugs that fit correctly as not many companies specifically make a rug for ponies and instead try to reduce the horse size down resulting in the rugs being far too large around the chest and neck. I’ve lost track of how many customers have purchased this brand for their ponies because they have rubs and fistulous withers from other ill-fitting designs. We do try to keep a large stock of them in the most popular sizes but if your size is not showing in the stock list please do call to check estimated delivery dates. We can normally get them from the manufacturer within the week if they have available stock.