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Bucas Power Turnout Combi Neck

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Bucas Power Turnout Combi Neck
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Bucas Power Turnout Combi Neck

The Bucas Power Turnout Combi neck is designed to be used with the Bucas Power Turnout Classic Rug. It is made from an extremely tough ballistic nylon outer fabric which has a waterproof and breathable coating and is ideal for those days when your horse needs added protection!

The aluminium coating is designed to reflect any excess heat away from your horse on days when the temperature is higher and there is a nylon lining to help protect your horses neck and mane from rubbing and discomfort.

Colour: Silver

Available in four sizes S, M, L & XL (see guide below)

Lisa’s notes: These Power Turnout combi necks are designed to be used with the Power Turnout Classic rugs which can be purchased separately. It means you have the versatility of altering your rug depending on the weather. The attachment points are extremely strong as I have used these for years and they have really withstood the test of time. They can also be attached and detached very quickly and provide full protection on the neck with no chance of your horse’s neck becoming exposed when it’s bending down to eat grass. Don’t be put off by the fact that the attachments involve Velcro as the type used is extremely tough and very strong. Believe me your horse would struggle to dislodge it whether rolling or rubbing and it does take some effort to pull them off!  We have provided a general guide to the size neck required for the different rugs but this may vary depending on your horse’s conformation! If you need more specific measurements then please do call!

Neck sizes





Fits UK rug size

5’6” – 5’9”

6’0” – 6’3”


6’9” – 7’2”

Fits EU rug size

125 - 130

135 - 140


155 - 170