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Cavallo Ladies Derby Breeches (Walnut)

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Cavallo Ladies Derby Breeches (Walnut)
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Cavallo Ladies Derby Breeches (Walnut)

The Cavallo Derby breeches are a ladies slim shape breeches without side seams & with Cavasoft knee patches.

  • Standard waistband.
  • Zipped front pocket.
  • Cavasoft knee patches

Fabric: 280 Standard weight cotton, left side slightly abraded

Available in waist sizes 22" to 34" Reg

Colour: Walnut (Brown)

Lisa's Notes: These breeches are always a fantastic fit and of superb quality. As someone who is particularly hard on breeches I've always had these and could never fault them. With their triple stitching, they wash and wear really well. This particular style has been very popular instore. This breech comes in a terrific fabric that we nicknamed the "suck in fabric" because it holds all those wobbly bits in place. This means that there is less give than the micro premium fabric which could be a good or bad thing subject to what you're looking for in terms of control! The fit comes up as standard.

Please note that the style of the breeches is as shown in the second image but it's in the Walnut colour! We have attempted to take a photo to show you the actual colour but due to the bright sunlight, it does not look Walnut but it is!