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Masta Climatemasta 100G Fixed Neck Turnout Rug (Navy/Orange)

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Masta Climatemasta 100G Fixed Neck Turnout Rug (Navy/Orange)
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Masta Climatemasta 100G Fixed Neck Turnout Rug (Navy/Orange)

The Climatemasta 100g fixed neck turnout rug is the perfect rug to take you through the seasons! It is designed that you can attach different weight rug liners throughout the year to the outer Climatemasta rug depending on the temperature, weather & if your horse is clipped.

Add the Masta Climatemasta 100g fixed neck liner to make a 200g fill rug in total.

Add the Masta Climatemasta 200g fixed neck liner to make a 300g fill rug in total.

Add the Masta Climatemasta 300g fixed neck liner to make a 400g fill rug in total

The chest buckles can be fully adjusted so the fit is perfect for your horse & the Masta patented one click™ closure system; make fast work of rug changes. (For a further explanation see notes below).

The unique fastener system allows the inner lining to be attached once  & used as one complete piece so you can just rug up and go.

The articulated full neck design provides complete coverage and is designed to relieve pressure on the wither allowing your horse to graze whilst the neck cover stays in place & close to the horse's neck for increased protection that prevents heat loss. In addition, it has an anti-rub lining which promotes a clean & shiny coat & shoulder gusset for an enhanced fit, allowing for freedom of movement & helping to prevent shoulder rub. Leg straps at the rear help keep the rug from slipping or lifting off the horse's quarters.

Colour: Navy/Orange/Silver

Available in sizes UK 4’6” – 7’3” / EU Back seam: 90 – 165cm

Lisa’s notes: If you are looking for a turnout rug that has the versatility to take your horse through most of the temperatures & weather that we experience in the UK then you will definitely want to check this one out. The Climatemasta allows you to be able to alter your rug weights by just changing the inner liners which means that you have less rugs blocking up your tack room and also less hassle when it comes to washing! You can wash your inner liner far more frequently without the hassle of having to reproof the outside (which is what you would need to do with conventional turnout rugs) which ultimately works out far cheaper over the long term! Once, you have attached your liner which is easy & quick to do, the rug works as one piece so makes life far easier when rugging up.

The Masta Patented one click™ closure system means that once you have adjusted the front buckles of your rug to the correct fit; the one click™ system takes over sitting flat and comfortably against your horses chest unlike a trigger clip. By depressing both levers at the side at the same time the clip will release as effortlessly as closed making this one click™ closure one of the quickest & easiest you will ever use. I did wonder whether the horse (or someone else’s) could manage to unclick it themselves but they have trialled it for that, strength & rust and it flew through. Having seen the system myself, I would say that although a human can undo it pretty quickly with one hand, the chances of a horse managing to click or lean on both sides of the clip at the same time would be pretty impressive!

These rarely go wrong or break but if you register your rug with www.masta.co.uk then you get a lifetime guarantee on buckles & clips! Also, for each rug purchased then you receive £10 off your next Masta rug. (We will send a credit note out with the purchase) We have included an image with how to measure your horse & a size chart, it is important to get the right size rug so if you need help please do contact us.

Please note that only the outer rug is supplied, you do need to purchase the rug liners separately.